Farewell Sri

When Divya Bharti tragically left the world, we mourned that a young talent was no more, with so much promise. She was beautiful, charming and had yet to make a place in our hearts.

When super stars such as Rajesh Khanna or Dev Anand passed, we thought they gave their best to the world. We made peace with their contributions but also their time with us.

Sridevi’s passing has left an abyss for her fans. Not only did she have a place in our hearts, but was instrumental in our growing years. Her film and dialogue references almost became a second language and we rooted for her characters because she played them. Her legacy of song and dance is equally rivalled by her brilliant comic timing and penchant for the dramatic.

What could she not do? Nothing. Why are we so sad? Because we wanted more. Because we love our icons and cannot comprehend when this happens to them. We feel it’s ‘too soon’, because we haven’t had our hearts content. Her comeback ‘English Vinglish’ was successful and appropriate, she remained current as a fashion icon, with her latest film ‘Maa’, for which she received a Filmfare nomination, and we always hoped she would create more magic. Her eyes spoke volumes and her smile teased millions. As India’s first female superstar, she crossed boundaries and was celebrated in many languages and communities. A career spanning 5 decades and over 300 films.

What can I say? Some have said a part of our childhood died, some mourn the icon, the actress or the dancing diva. I mourn the legend who switched on with the cameras and retreated to being the shy, introvert once they stopped rolling. Her film hits marked milestones in my growing years.

Once a Sridevi fan, always a Sridevi fan.


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