The shape of water (2017)

It is no wonder that director Guillermo del Toro’s film got so many nominations and won major awards. It is also no wonder that it elicits many reactions; some misunderstood it, some treated it with indifference, some loved it, some hated it, while some marveled at it. I was in awe of the story telling and appreciated what it stood for.

The film is a metaphor, as is its story developed in every frame. There is no need for language when you love and there is no need to be the same race either. Love transforms, and though many claim to understand love, not everyone can process a different love.

It makes many statements, of personal, political and universal nature, wrapped in a film with a fluid protagonist. It also is perhaps a take on the meaning of love as well. As water has no shape, love cannot be defined, categorised or explained, it fills us and nourishes us just like water.

Brilliant acting by Sally Hawkins, Richard Jenkins, Michael Shannon, Octavia Spencer, Michael Stuhlbarg and Doug Jones, who bring a story to Life by their varying restrain and intensity.

Not your usual film, it needs introspection to appreciate this genius.



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