October (2018)

Shoojit Sircar has made a variety of film genres and done justice to them all. This time round, he describes a few pages of the books of various people’s lives, in a way which will seem out worldly to many who watch it.

You may never know about what happens in the film if it doesn’t happen to a close one or yourself. But now you have a chance to see how it can change a life. It’s a story where love didn’t need a label or reason or season.

Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu play 21 year olds in a management trainee program in a 5 star hotel. How their seemingly unrelated lives get enmeshed by a twist in fate weaves a deeply nuanced tale which is moved along by minute detail.

Short at 1 hour 55 minutes, it feels long because of the subject matter, but it makes you think. It’s a delicate tale which is difficult to balance, but the imagery provides much needed perspective.

A moving and introspective film.



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