102 not out (2018)

Director of the iconic film Oh My God, Umesh Shukla presents a fresh take on Life, and living it while we are alive. It’s peppered with many laughs and light moments by the three primary characters who bring the story alive from their unique perspectives.

Amitabh Bachchan can do any role with ease and this is no exception. What a cute 102 year old, and so progressive in thought and deed. Rishi Kapoor is his 75 year old son, an opposite personality who is taught to look at life differently. Jimit Trivedi binds them together, a simpleton who acts as a buffer from another generation.

The story isn’t complex but the way the purpose is handled isn’t simple, or easy. But it is very enlightening. A clear message and stance about who loved ones are and what they do.

A must see for every age and especially our senior citizens.



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