365 sunsets in Melbourne

I don’t question destiny anymore. Today marks one year of my move to Melbourne, Australia, a gorgeous city in a beautiful country which was always supposed to be home, just not at the the time I thought was right.

Friends gave me the confidence and comfort to move to Mumbai and Melbourne was no different. Thanks to the St. Kilda boys for making the city such a warm and wonderful home!

As I look back on the flight out from Mumbai one year ago I remember all the mixed feelings I had, but I knew I would carry it with me in my heart, just as I did Dubai. As the world grows smaller with social media and frequent flying, it isn’t long till I see my loved ones in both India and UAE, as I add more to the list of people to grow old with!

Thank you to the universe for listening to me and having my back, and for always providing! How does it get any better than this?


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