Raazi (2018)

Rarely do you have a taut thriller which doesn’t make any grand statements, but builds drama slowly, without fanfare.

The beauty of this film is how director Meghna Gulzar hasn’t once shown a bias or chosen sides. You see the plot unfold in two households, both are nice and fair with one thing in common, their love for their country. It’s so balanced that you feel for the other without thinking or overprocessing.

Alia Bhatt has taken on a difficult role, bringing out nuances which we haven’t seen yet in her diverse acting range. Her youth is her biggest strength, as she has more time to develop and explore her acting prowess.

Vicky Kaushal plays an understanding sensitive man, ably supported by a stellar cast, all of whom do their part well, without resorting to histrionics.

You walk away from the film strangely diminished, happy for the outcome but sad for the many unsung heroes.

A worthy watch.



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