Goodbye June and first half 2018

New year at NOIR. First January Summer. Reflective Walk from Brighton beach to St. Kilda beach. Padmaavat. Sunil turns 40! Mussoorie with Mayyur. Delhi pit-stop, Mumbai delight. Adnani Lunch. Mandala Table Alumni workshop. Sherlock Holmes card game. Big little lies. Sydney Spoils, glass bottom cable car and bridge climb scares! DreamS highlights. Daylesford & Lavendula. Downton Abbey. South Mumbai comes to South Yarra. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Mom & Dad’s 54th Wedding Anniversary. Seaford Sunday. Hogwarts Mystery Wizarding World mobile game! Oriental Tea House. The neighbours visit my hood. Qualified Counsellor! 365 sunsets in Melbourne. Dubai gang reunites. Dad turns 75! Shonali is engaged to Bikram! Hong Kong Happiness. Homemade Nutella Cheesecake 😍 Disneyland after many moons. BrySri20. Origin by Dan Brown. Designated Survivor. Jurassic World. DIA film festival Hat trick. Lucky Penny Cafe. Harry Potter Cluedo and F.R.I.E.N.D.S Monopoly. Second home: Jam Factory. June Winter with Foggy nights. 12 Apostles revisited. Member of the ACA. Puffs: The Hufflepuff perspective. Alienist. Welcome Sangy! Hotel Transylvania 3. Sanju.

Enjoying a chilly Sunday morning as I write this, thankful for every moment of this year where I look forward to another milestone.

Stay strong with a smile 😊


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