A star is born (2018)

Bradley Cooper has come a long way from his Hangover days. From being a blue eyed poster boy, he has evolved into one of the most versatile and powerful talents. Directing and acting in this soulful film, his performance doesn’t surprise, but cements his reputation as a solid actor and SINGER!

Lady Gaga is the revelation here. A complete natural on screen, you forget that she’s a one of the most well known performing artists, with a huge following and a penchant for the dramatic. Her journey as a talent yet undiscovered, to trying and grapple with her success and manage a volatile relationship is truly remarkable.

Though the performances are brilliant, as is the film making, it is the sheer sadness, intensity of love and knowing the reality of what is not seen, which stays with you much after the film. This is all thanks to the music which has the horsepower to keep racing into the future.

The story has been seen before, it’s the treatment that sets it apart, makes it relevant to the current time and gives you another much needed reality check on success, celebrity and love.



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