Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Directed by Bryan Singer, the film is a departure from his usual genres, but still shows his prowess and command over the craft.

We see a young Farrokh Bulsara, start his musical journey in 1970, establishing a career, reaching dizzying creative and popularity heights. Along the way, he loses touch with his family, his band members, and most importantly himself.

The film explores the nuances of his musical process, audacity, fashion leaps and career risks. His relationship with the band, and how many other things come full circle, are presented delicately.

While some are calling the biography historically inaccurate, I think it has fulfilled its purpose to enlighten us about the life, struggles and darkness of Freddie Mercury, brilliantly portrayed by Rami Malek.

The film’s strength is its authenticity , where all characters are perfectly cast, executing their roles with utmost sincerity, enriching the movie with flavour, depth and emotion.

For all lovers of music, film making and entertainment, this one cannot be missed!



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