Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

David Yates has a difficult task of directing stories about the wizarding world with so many details and layers. He gives us a good second part with nostalgia and fuel to look forward to more installments.

JK Rowling gives us more from a world the fans love so much, that we soon get lost in the story and it’s many sub-plots. It was interesting to see a villain who makes Voldemort look tame, and is colder than he was. It’s easy to see why he wanted to follow in Grindelwald’s footsteps, as Johnny Depp sets the cruelty and treachery bar high.

Seeing Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore again on screen is a joy only a potterhead would understand, and just for that alone, this film was worth it. Jude Law is perfect as Albus. The rest of the cast, old and new, with their back stories, all tie in well to the end, accompanied by many tiny glimmers of things we have learned in the potter world.

A decent way to tie in fantastic beasts to the wizarding world, which will eventually lead to events we eagerly anticipate. One thing we can count on for sure, is by the end of the five films, we will have new questions, but a whole treasure trove about a world we have come to love so much.



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