Frozen 2 (2019)

Frozen 2 is a very well written film, matching it’s extremely famous predecessor in every way and raising the bar, visually and thematically, for its audience.

The four characters get developed in detail, with songs of their own, going through different challenges and evolution. The reindeer too, gets ample opportunity for humour and adrenaline.

The aesthetics will be enchanting for children, while they enjoy the larger plot line and interesting trivia. The deeper messages are more for adults, which can make for detailed bedtime stories for their kids.

From ‘Let it go’ to going into the ‘unknown’ the journey is getting more complex. While there was a hint that this might be the last part, I don’t believe such a lucrative franchise will run out of steam just yet.

Enjoy the beautiful world created by Disney which has many age-appropriate as well as currently relevant messages.



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