Goodbye December and second half of 2019

Mumbai pit stop. Lovely London. Leicester Family Love. College reunion. London Sky Garden. Highclere castle delights with the Sidhu Sisters. First time in Canada! Niagara majesty. Trotting in Toronto. Meeting Rohan & Burgess after 3 years! Tanishq’s Janya! Shonali weds Bikram. The squadrone rules! Divina turns 18! Montreal treks with Nav! Rani Cersei Sa honours her subject! Day trip to Quebec. Meeting the author Nandini in Mumbai with dear Shanoo. Thali with Addy and Abhi in Melbourne! My third Christmas in July! Terracotta Warriors Exhibit. Missing Veer. Black Forest croissant at LUNE. Abbotsford Convent Wellbeing Centre. Atul surprises! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Concert. Bryan’s surprise birthday breakfast. Hedwig Hopetoun High Tea. Tasting Menu Thali at Daughter-in-law. Rainy White Night. Culinary learning. Switchboard Shifts begin! Sheesha gang outings. Downton Abbey – the film! Jaiveer turns 1! Missing Mayyur and Mussorie. First milestone 20/9! Elwood Promenade. Royal Botanic picnic. Second milestone 27/9. Sapna and the Belgian chocolate feast! ASIST suicide prevention workshop. Monster Nutella croissant. Sandeep’s flying visit. Sydney celebrations. Beauty of Bondi. Potter birthday for Hedwig. First Diwali with Sanjay. A movie with Sandeep after so long. Rishi’s second birthday in Melbourne. Won tickets to the ‘Last Christmas’ preview show! #sandyturns41 in Hong Kong! Reunion with Veer, Sidhu sisters, Ekta, Rakesh, Prashant, Manisha and big bro Vinod. Monestaries, the Tian Tan Buddha and lots of adventure. A cake as tall as me! Saahil’s first trip to Melbourne! Drumplings night out. Thali tradition continues. A spontaneous laugh riot with three gorgeous Afghani women. St. Kilda boys celebration. Frozen 2. Title reveal of my first novel: The Codes of the Exiled Rogue! Never stop working to make your DreamS come true. Rustica, new neighbourhood haunt. Sandeep visits on the hottest day of the year! The Sky is Pink. Holiday season begins with a bang! The storm from Dubai is here! Welcome Sapna!

We are entering a new decade, let’s leave behind everything that doesn’t serve us, accept the apologies we never got, build healthier boundaries and always be our authentic self.

Welcome 2020!

Happy New Decade!


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