Sandeep Adnani – Author of The Exiled Rogue Series

Sandeep Adnani has been writing movie reviews since 2007. He started blogging mini musings and short stories in 2013.
His first metaphysical/transformational fiction novel, ‘The Codes of the Exiled Rogue’ was published in December 2019 and went on to became an amazon #1 bestselling ebook.
Part 2, titled ‘The Origin of the Exiled Rogue’ was published in September 2020 and became an amazon bestseller as well in multiple categories. He has finished writing The Exiled Rogue series, the final instalment of the #TERS trilogy will be out in 2021.
He changed careers from the advertising/media industry and is now a mental health counsellor in Melbourne with bases in Mumbai and Dubai as well.