Mom (2013-2021)


The Addams Family (2019)

The beloved series, film and cartoon classic gets its animated reboot with a bunch of funny one-liners and spooky/quirky moments.

The premise is the same, of fitting in, belonging, but being oblivious to the demands of being normal or regular.

You come away with every character evolving and embracing change and not so predictable proceedings. It provides interesting back stories and a fitting end.


I, Tonya (2017)

A powerful film with stupendous performances, speaks of a story many of us will not be aware of, but is so relevant in every time period.

A very complex relationship between a mother and daughter plays out, where, as is customary, the daughter unwittingly chooses the same pattern again in her love life.

Margot Robbie gives a layered and intense performance as a skating champion who falls in love with a young man, to be accepted and loved, only to continues her journey of inner turmoil and the will and struggle to succeed despite all odds.

Allison Janney as the tough mom, who’s parenting is highly questionable but the intent isn’t, is superb! What insight and wit!

The remaining cast support the dark comedy, where the climax is elusive and full of surprises. It was a very controversial case at the time and has been recreated for our entertainment very successfully.

A brilliant set of performances, story telling and direction by Craig Gillespie.