The Two Popes (2019)


The Father (2020)

A heartbreaking story told so wonderfully, that you end up questioning your own grip on reality.

Anthony Hopkins is superlative in his role as a man who is forgetting not only his relations, but time, space, traumas and memories. Olivia Colman plays his daughter, in who’s eyes and face we see the steady decline of her beloved father.

The movie is based on a critically acclaimed play ‘La Pere’ by Florian Zeller, who has also directed the film.

A story that slowly weaves its world and leaves you utterly helpless as you try and navigate the father’s point of view and life, it is as poignant as it is magnificent.


Noah (2014)

If you are expecting to see Noah build an arc where animals walk single file into it, in neat pairs, this is not for you. The film tells us precisely what it calls itself; its all about Noah. Earlier depictions of this film have been pretty safe and by the book. Here of course, cinematic liberties have been taken, to show you the inner turmoil and moral dilemma that Noah faced.

I have maintained time and again that 3D shouldn’t be used if its not required. In a film like this which was mainly over cast, stormy and rainy, it surely wasn’t. There were tough questions which were asked of Noah and his family, sacrifices for the rest of humanity, doubts about how mankind would survive and repopulate the earth. If those questions are seen from the perspective of a single family handed a task to save creation, than this film has come close to showing us what it could have been.

The cast was impressive, with Russell Crowe and Emma Watson being the highlights. Jennifer Connelly has one hard-hitting scene, besides being the strong female figure throughout the film. The length and costumes were perhaps the biggest drawbacks of this film, besides the 3D.

Director Darren Aronofsky has tried a different approach to say his story and has partially succeeded.


Thor: The Dark World (2013)

The 9 realms, super special effects (which are a standard in Hollywood) and a popular super Hero and star cast could not salvage this film. Barring the humour from Kat Dennings who plays ‘Darcy Lewis’ the graph of this film and all its characters was flat, many times laughable. Is the mere presence of gigantic ships which appear threatening and predatory enough? Where are the villains who give the hero a healthy fight?

We have complex theories which are worked out at the drop of a hat, an ‘Ether’ of unexplainable power, Loki who plays along with Thor and Jane Foster, a wooden Natalie Portman, makes you wonder why actors are not doing their job, acting!

It takes a lot for a film to bore me and induce sleep. Very few pass the challenge. This one almost did.

Nothing can save this film.