Article 15 (2019)

A bleak look at the caste system, the treatment of girls, the normalising of rape, the lack of law and all that comes with it, through the eyes of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ayushmaan Khurana.

Set in the village of Laalgaon, the fact that he questions the system and injustice isn’t laudable. It is how he sees the case through, uncovering everything in his way with minimal resources and against popular opinion, that gives the film its adrenaline.

A riveting watch with many moments that make you shudder at our reality, but it has to be shown for it to never be repeated.



Dum laga ke haisha (2015)

Rarely does a movie come along which is so complete and true to its craft, that you feel you have lived it with its characters. The newest offering by Yash Raj does just that, by recreating haridwar and hrishikesh in 1995 and introducing us to Prem, Sandhya and their families.

There is not much to be said when every detail screams authenticity and the characters are so well written and acted that stereotypes and prejudices parade in front of you with muted abandon. Issues of patriarchy, weight, gender, skin colour are all dealt with in ‘by the by’ manner. It was interesting to see the concept of and reasons for love, marriage and relationships in general.

Performances by the ensemble are top notch. Duration of 2 hours makes it quick and crisp. Direction by Sharat Katariya is brilliant.

Give it a go!