Sully (2016)

Clint Eastwood directs a riveting biographical drama, ‘Sully’, giving us insights into what led up to the miraculous landing of a civilian aircraft in the Hudson River in 2009.

Captain Sully, is played delicately by Tom Hanks, where he brings a responsible quality during a very challenging emergency. Aaron Eckhart plays his able co-pilot, who supports him during unprecedented circumstances.

The result? A gripping tale, well edited, told with dignity, building appropriate tension in its short running time. A clean, crisp film which doesn’t get melodramatic.



American Sniper (2014)

The film uses a traditional approach to tell us the micro story of an ace sniper with the macro backdrop of the Iraq war.

Bradley Cooper has a 3rd consecutive Academy Award nomination, this time for his role as Chris Kyle. He has transformed his body, his body language and verbal / non-verbal communication to a remarkable extent. One scene specifically has us as breathless and tense as he is in the film.

Director Clint Eastwood has handled a variety of films in this genre. He relies more on ‘saying it as it is’ so that we can process and digest the war conditions.

The film is not a commentary on the political scenario at all but just a view point of a soldier at war and how he copes with it afterword. That has perhaps been its most soft and subtle nuance.

Based on a true story it must have been difficult to make and was equally disturbing to watch.