The Good Doctor (2017-)

There are many hospital shows on at the moment and this one steers clear of similarities. The protagonist has autism, trying to prove himself in a neuro-typical world.

The social skills he learns while we see the world from his lens, watching the characters grow in their own personal lives as well as getting accustomed to his unique way of working makes the basis of the show.

There are usually 2-3 new medical cases per episode, covering very different areas and current issues while covering sub-plots involving the cast.

Freddie Highmore does a brilliant job as Dr. Shaun Murphy. His vulnerability and genius is on equal display which makes him an endearing and powerful talent. The ensemble cast ably supports him as we see several of their own shades and journeys.

The fifth season is currently in development. The first four were a riveting and emotional watch, fulfilling all facets a show must: plot, entertainment, acting, production values, pace and being current.

A potent combination!