Fantastic Beasts : The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022)


Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

David Yates has a difficult task of directing stories about the wizarding world with so many details and layers. He gives us a good second part with nostalgia and fuel to look forward to more installments.

JK Rowling gives us more from a world the fans love so much, that we soon get lost in the story and it’s many sub-plots. It was interesting to see a villain who makes Voldemort look tame, and is colder than he was. It’s easy to see why he wanted to follow in Grindelwald’s footsteps, as Johnny Depp sets the cruelty and treachery bar high.

Seeing Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore again on screen is a joy only a potterhead would understand, and just for that alone, this film was worth it. Jude Law is perfect as Albus. The rest of the cast, old and new, with their back stories, all tie in well to the end, accompanied by many tiny glimmers of things we have learned in the potter world.

A decent way to tie in fantastic beasts to the wizarding world, which will eventually lead to events we eagerly anticipate. One thing we can count on for sure, is by the end of the five films, we will have new questions, but a whole treasure trove about a world we have come to love so much.


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (2016)

The last wizarding world film we saw was in 2011, so just for bringing it back to us, this film was special.

JK Rowling has given us a new world, a new language and it’s deep and meaningful. What we are up against is far more terrifying than fantastic beasts, most of which are not harmful, some maybe large but all are out of their environment.

It’s the 1920s New York, basic wizarding terms are used and explained, so people who haven’t seen Harry Potter movies or read the books can view this film independently. Eddie Redmayne plays an introvert Newt Scamander, transporting magical creatures who manage to escape. While finding Newt and his beasts the ministry solves issues which plague their own existence.

For fans the film feels familiar, we dive straight into the world, devouring every bit of information, new and old. The beasts are woven in seamlessly, while merging darker and more sinister ideas. David Yates gives a good vision to Rowling’s words, putting together an impactful introduction to four more films which will bring back more of our favourite characters.


The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

David Yates turns an age old story into an interesting film with gripping drama and action. Not self indulgent at any point, it engages by weaving in the truth with natural aesthetics.

Alexander Skarsgard is perfect as Tarzan. Tall and lean with strong shoulders, he doesn’t appear like a ‘steroid’ body. He moves with the agility and grace of an animal and has the same intensity in his eyes, as his fellows in the jungle. His poise, gait and quiet confidence make him a delight to watch.

Equally matched in every way is Jane, played by Margot Robbie. Not a damsel in distress and well versed with the natural world, she is at home with the tribe and it’s beautiful traditions. A survivor and believer, she faces many odds.

Samuel L. Jackson represents the ally in America, but also a history of the oppressed. He sticks by his friends’ side and lightens the mood for all of us while doing so. Christoph Waltz is once again a merciless and ambitious character, who represents the villain of exploitation and slavery.

A social commentary at its deepest level, with sweeping cinematography and some eloquent visuals, this film was a treat.