The Codes of the Exiled Rogue is an Amazon #1 Best Seller

The Codes of the Exiled Rogue is now an Amazon #1 best seller!

#1 in Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy (Kindle Store)

#1 in Teen and Adult Asian Myths and Legends e-books

#3 in Metaphysical Science Fiction

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I hope #COTER helps you find your own truth in the trio’s quest.

Thank you all for your love and support.

The Codes of the Exiled Rogue (2020)

Proud to announce the WORLDWIDE LAUNCH of my first novel which is now LIVE on AMAZON!

Search the title ‘The Codes of the Exiled Rogue’ or the author name ‘Sandeep Adnani’ on your amazon app or account to download your Kindle ebook or order your paperback.

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Look forward to your thoughts on Aurora, Tristan and Sid’s quest!