The Father (2020)

A heartbreaking story told so wonderfully, that you end up questioning your own grip on reality.

Anthony Hopkins is superlative in his role as a man who is forgetting not only his relations, but time, space, traumas and memories. Olivia Colman plays his daughter, in who’s eyes and face we see the steady decline of her beloved father.

The movie is based on a critically acclaimed play ‘La Pere’ by Florian Zeller, who has also directed the film.

A story that slowly weaves its world and leaves you utterly helpless as you try and navigate the father’s point of view and life, it is as poignant as it is magnificent.



She’s funny that way (2015)

Director Peter Bogdanovich serves a screwball comedy with a good cast, and manages to get some laughs.

Jennifer Aniston was key in attracting audiences but had a special appearance of a role, where she played a quirky shrink (imagine Rachel giving therapy).

Owen Wilson and Rhys Ifans steal the show with their antics while Imogen Poots and Kathryn Hahn have their own shenanigans to keep us entertained.

A film that could have been much funnier but still manages to entertain. Perfect for the flight 🙂


Need for speed (2014)

A simple film about racing and speed, director Scott Waugh spaced out its highlights in a sensible manner to keep the audience occupied. There were enough moments to keep us guessing, tense, on the edge of the seat or purely entertained.

While it doesn’t have a convincing back story or a strong motive for the proceedings, the gang of four and the cool attitude of the protagonist Aaron Paul makes it watchable. Dominic Cooper does a decent job as the bad guy, while Imogen Poots provides classic British flavour as Julia. Micheal Keaton makes an interesting cameo, while we enjoy the changing landscapes of America and the coolest cars of the world.