Vir Das For India (2020)

A funny and insightful introspection, a nostalgic journey of everything Indian and what many of us associate with India. Filled with laughs, jibes, the uncomfortable and the real, Vir Das treads boldly but gently, carrying you with him effortlessly.


Wishing India a happy Independence Day is like wishing a great grand mother a sweet 16 birthday. Cradling civilisation, she has been around since time immemorial, cajoling the world with her knowledge and stories, welcoming everyone into her home, nourishing her countless generations and supporting their existence with her bountiful nature. But just like the generation we are, we say a quick hello to her and get easily distracted. Take care of her, listen to her wisdom, love her faults as you do her qualities, and above all, respect her resilience.

Happy English birthday… You have aged well 🙂

Celebrate India!

Since you are far older than 67, my dear India/Bharat/Hindustan, I am not going to wish you an ‘English’ happy independence day. Your culture, heritage, language date back to the beginning of civilised time itself. We are a land where the only surviving ancient religion, or rather, a way of life, is still practised and celebrated in the visual arts and music. What we should commemorate today is not our independence, but that fact that we have survived thousands of years and continue to enrich the world. Proud to be an Indian today and everyday! Jai Hind!