Mare of Easttown (2021)

A riveting crime drama, with Kate Winslet at the helm, who fights her inner demons and grief as she drowns herself in solving the crimes of her small town.

A lot of things are at stake here; families, faith, sanity and the law. As the story progresses, the secrets begin to unravel. There are twists, turns and suspects aplenty and nothing will prepare you for what comes next.

Today was the concluding episode, where reparations and justice continued till the last frame. Back stories and motives are revealed and the audience is able to move on, just like the characters, who have been through their own hell.

A brilliant mini series with a lot of pain, sadness, generational trauma and healing. One of the best things on tv this year.


The man in an orange shirt (2017)

Set almost 70 years apart, this two part series weaves an emotional tale of the struggle faced by the characters, according to the time they live in.

What binds them together is a story which isn’t spoken about, it’s a secret that quietly pulls the audience along into a world which is often not discussed.

The result? A complex range of emotions displayed by a stellar cast, all of whom are fighting their own internal battle in a plot that is filled with drama, passion and suspense.

Angels in America: Millenium Approaches (2017)

National Theatre Live is an awesome concept, where you get to see a live recording from London of world class plays with leading actors in the comfort of a cinema seat. I was lucky to catch two screenings of stellar casts tackling enormous issues.

Angels of America – Millenium Approaches : Set in the 80s in Reagan’s America, the cast deals with the AIDS catastrophe and the reality of its beginnings. Andrew Garfield, James McArdle, Nathan Lane, Russel Tovey deserve mention for the spectrum of emotions they put on display. Their harsh circumstances, hallucinations and escapades make for intense viewing. Looking forward to part 2 next week.