Sex Education (2019-)

This British comedy has all the ingredients to educate and enlighten. Following the lives of teenagers who are discovering themselves during puberty and high school shenanigans, they stumble upon an unlikely source of therapy.

They all need it, because they are stumbling through an unknown world of sexuality, pleasure, being coy or a virgin. Adult lives and relationship woes provide entertaining and insightful sub plots while giving you an education which you may not have had in school!

Well written and brilliantly acted by the ensemble cast! Great watch!


Altered Carbon (2018-)

A brilliant concept and story, based on a novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, the series keeps you glued to its fast changing environment and technical plot points.

In a world where a consciousness can live forever, there are bound to be power struggles, conflicts of interest and complications. All this and more span centuries of drama and romance, bringing a detailed theme alive on screen.

The action scenes are intense, the aesthetics riveting, the costumes and rich production values make it a great watch.