For All Mankind (2019-)

The series dramatises an alternate history which shows a world where the global space race hasn’t ended.

American politics is intertwined with NASA’s efforts, pushing them for results and milestones. Female astronauts and mission commanders get involved in the program much sooner. The drama plays out on both Earth and space, with various issues which were not factored in, that come to light.

Excellent performances by the cast and no expense spared in the production values make this a realistic and riveting watch.


Altered Carbon (2018-)

A brilliant concept and story, based on a novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, the series keeps you glued to its fast changing environment and technical plot points.

In a world where a consciousness can live forever, there are bound to be power struggles, conflicts of interest and complications. All this and more span centuries of drama and romance, bringing a detailed theme alive on screen.

The action scenes are intense, the aesthetics riveting, the costumes and rich production values make it a great watch.