Veere di wedding (2018)

Director Shashanka Ghosh has presented a fun filled film of four friends, who are there for each other through thick and thin.

The backdrop of course, was a wedding, which reveals many realities of Delhi and the prejudices and workings of typical Indian society. There are a few emotional moments, many laugh out loud scenes and nice songs which make the two hour length perfect for the content.

Played well by Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania (who was my favourite), they portray their individual personalities fully, showing the audience how people can be their authentic selves, how friends can let their hair down with each other and share intimate details. A stellar supporting cast adds the required comic and dramatic touch to the proceedings.

A must watch at a time when we need to chill and not take everything seriously.



Udta Punjab (2016)

Director Abhishek Chaubey gives us his third outing after Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya. He has written and assisted a host of other layered films. It is grim, dealing with the reality of a difficult subject by all groups involved.

I am going to breakdown the review by performances, because each one is worthy of mention. I start with Alia Bhatt. Her journey, though tragic, is full of hope for those who want to fight addiction. The makers haven’t resorted to any meaningless display. There is enough for the imagination to feel her anguish.

Shahid Kapoor is his best eccentric self. An accidental rockstar, he represents many like him, who are lost in the labyrinth of drugs. He is self obsessed and dependant, but eventually evolves. His uncle played by the talented Satish Kaushik is representative of the many adults who put a veil on the reality of their kids. He is supportive of his evolution but also of his destruction.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is refreshing in a strong character role. She has a solid attitude without any qualms or fears. It was a delight to watch her real talent being tapped without any head tossing or melodramatic gestures. She shows she is a mature actor, the face of many in the war against drugs.

New actor Diljit Dosanjh represents the vulnerable, wayward and corrupt ways of the law which have to unite in the war against drugs. The fact that anyone tried to ban or censor anything in this film is proof that the reality was being suppressed. But Truth always Triumphs.

Bravo to the producers who stuck their battle and the Supreme Court for passing it with a minor edit. The language takes a little getting used to but it isn’t there for effect. It’s the harsh truth. This could be the plight of ANY drug user in ANY state of India and all those who facilitate it and fight it.


Ki & Ka (2016)

What do you get when you reverse gender roles? When a man wants to be a home maker and the woman wants to earn? You get director Balki’s half baked film with some isolated messages.

The film moves quickly with Kareena / Kia and Arjun / Kabeer meeting and displaying their personalities, likes and dislikes. An unconventional relationship develops between a university topper and a competitive career driven executive.

My problem with the film was its inconsistency. While Arjun and his mother in law Swaroop Sampat were in character, it was Kareena who deviated. Some of her actions and words didn’t ring true with her decisive and strong outlook.

In the end the message by the ‘cameos’ was better than the real one, but a message nonetheless for the male dominated society that we live in. Arjun was the clear hero/ine of the film. The story would have made more sense if it was about a ‘stay at home dad’. Special mention for the creative interiors of their beautiful apartment.

Baby steps to a larger, stronger and more cohesive message.


Happy Ending (2014)

Rom Com 101 with no new additions or twists and turns, it serves us the same dish we have been having with an edge on the humour and a jaded casanova Saif Ali Khan. His alter ego makes up for the Saif we have seen many times, whilst Kalki provides some laughs.

It’s great to see Preity back on screen and Govinda steals the show in his limited yet ‘expansive’ role. Kareena may not be Saif’s good luck mascot, it’s time he acknowledges that, though their chemistry is fiery and fun. Ileana and Ranvir are passable, the locations are great and the music is surprisingly good.

No points for guessing how it ends! Happy of course 😉