Mother’s Day (2016)

Gary Marshall, known for his multi starrer ‘special day’ movies and classic Pretty Woman, brings us a more casual, chilled out flick which explores the bond that children share with their mothers.

Many issues are addressed in a passing manner, without becoming dramatic. Julia Roberts’ character throws light on the difficult choices many mothers are faced with, whereas Jennifer Aniston’s character shines by bringing a delicate balance in her family life.

Jason Sudeikis is a doting single father to his two daughters whilst Kate Hudson and her sister have their own secrets from their parents. As is tradition, the film culminates on Mothers Day, with various laughs and warm moments.

A ‘mom-com’ that shows us the many traditional and changing relationships between mothers and their kids, it was a fun, light watch.



Kung fu Panda 3 (2016)

The first feeling while you are watching the film and the last thought as it completes, is how rich it is. Abundant in animation, characterisation, message and values, it is engaging at every level.

Directors Nelson and Carloni bring an appropriate part 3 to the audience, tying in pandas to the story and explaining why Po was chosen to be dragon warrior. We see some leaps for the characters, but as always there is a short yet mystical explanation for it. They managed to create a state of wonderment and awe throughout which in itself is worthy of applause.

The all star cast who lend their voices to these lovable characters do a flawless job, with lots more who join the Panda party.

In a world where we should strive to be original individuals, this film sends a simple yet deep message home.