Rebecca (2020 film)

A romantic thriller by Ben Wheatley, the film offers everything it promises. Based on the 1938 novel of the same name, the plot is intriguing with enough suspense and mystery to have you invested and interested till the end.

The lead actors do a nuanced job of keeping you guessing while moving the plot along. The twist, when it appears, isn’t entirely a surprise but plausible.

Good performances in a different yet understandable story.



The Darkest Hour (2017)

Director Joe Wright brings us another period drama, this time with a very tight timeline on a subject the world is well aware of.

Winston Churchill, (a faultless performance by Gary Oldman), was handed the reigns of a government which was facing a certain downfall. How his government navigated it’s way through a political as well as hierarchical crisis, coupled with Churchill’s inner dialogue and relationship with his wife and secretary, forms the drama of the film.

Gary Oldman and his prosthetics team deserve every accolade. He looks every bit the part and acts as if he has been coached by Churchill himself.

The remaining cast support him ably, namely Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James, Stephen Dillane, Ronald Pickup and Ben Mendelsohn, providing the tension, support and bring out various shades of the prime minister.

It was a riveting watch with great attention to detail and authentic recreation of the era, with many climatic moments and speeches.


My Old Lady (2014)

Director Israel Horovitz makes a slow paced film about an old (and super cool) lady who has a poetic task of explaining French rental and ownership laws to an American. Complications arise and the viewer is treated to a languid series of events.

Maggie Smith is a consistent delight. Kevin Kline plays the frustrated American very well. Kristin Scott Thomas’ character transforms the most.

A light drama, it is perfect for a flight watch.