Madaari (2016)

A must watch for every Indian, this film tells us a truth we all know. The way it is narrated makes us part of the injustice and connects it with our real life.

Director Nishikant Kamat takes on a difficult subject and handles it with a lot of courage, challenging everything that’s in power. Or the concept of power itself, which has been eating away slowly at our existence.

Irrfan has done many memorable roles and this will be counted as one of them. He is understated with sparks of immense angst that show from time to time. What caused that angst and his actions in general make up the film.

Jimmy Shergill plays the law who is cleverly trying to catch him. Child actor Vishesh Bansal plays an important role of a young boy that understands much more than you think it does, or should. We have a bunch of politicians which show us how agendas, loyalties and prejudices make such a big part of how our system is run.

The sad truth where we are left powerless on how to change it, but there it is.



Drishyam (2015)

What could have been a taut thriller turned out to be a dragged, stretched drama which became predictable and at points, laughable.

What surprises me most is Ajay Devgn and Tabu agreeing to do such caricaturist roles where they are literally spoon feeding the audience, rather than emoting.

By the time the movie finished many people were repeating the clues as a joke, and the repetitive and simplistic nature of story telling diluted any impact it could have had.

All in all, a good story in an average film which needed to be atleast 40 minutes shorter with no songs. The character graphs were haphazard and the only relatable characters were Rajat Kapoor and the little girl.