I give it a year (2013)


The Father (2020)

A heartbreaking story told so wonderfully, that you end up questioning your own grip on reality.

Anthony Hopkins is superlative in his role as a man who is forgetting not only his relations, but time, space, traumas and memories. Olivia Colman plays his daughter, in who’s eyes and face we see the steady decline of her beloved father.

The movie is based on a critically acclaimed play ‘La Pere’ by Florian Zeller, who has also directed the film.

A story that slowly weaves its world and leaves you utterly helpless as you try and navigate the father’s point of view and life, it is as poignant as it is magnificent.


The Crown Season 3 (2019)

Olivia Colman is brilliant as The Queen in the third season of the much awaited and acclaimed series, The Crown. Her every expression, twitch, inaction communicates volumes, bringing alive the stoic monarch on the screen.

Supported effectively by Helena Bonham Carter as her sister, Tobias Menzies as her husband and Josh O’Connor as her son, we see her many limitations, triggers, patterns and evolution as she completes 25 years of her reign.

As always the personal, professional and historical events are tied up in a rich and seamless manner, providing not only entertainment, but an education as well.