Gehraiyaan (2022)


Waiting (2016)

A very devastating subject is tackled head on in this sensitive but matter of fact film. Director Anu Menon serves us the harsh truth, curt and upfront, without giving much chance to recover or prepare.

Kalki and Naseer cleverly represent different stages of the grieving process, and also differing adaptation to the never ending tunnel of ‘waiting’ for their loved ones to recover. Their characters are full of insights of a reality which asks us to face our worst fears. Rajat Kapoor has a tricky role to play which shows us the plight of doctors. They are human, making them as imperfect as any of us. Let’s throw in the reality of who is actually there for you in your difficult time and voila! You have some very insane truths to digest!

The most difficult questions with no answers. A heart wrenching film!


Kapoor & Sons (since 1921)

A complete 3 generation family film, finally! Serving tears and laughter in equal measure, we were tense, smiling, applauding and hoping throughout.

It may start off as a regular film about a family that has drifted, but old issues quickly surface and adults do what they do best, project those issues on to others.

The camera work is ‘intimate’, as if you are walking around and watching the events unfold live in front of you. Complete with twists and turns, the film has no dull moment. The writing left the audience surprised at regular intervals.

In terms of performance, Rishi Kapoor and Fawad Khan tie for being shining beacons in the ensemble cast. The former played an adorable cool grandfather, while the latter knocked the ball out of the park! Brilliant layered portrayal. The film belonged to them.

Ratna Pathak Shah and Rajat Kapoor as the parents portray instability and recklessness in strong doses, clearly carving out personalities for their sons who have developed just so. Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt are their usual selves with a few intense moments.

Dharma productions and Karan Johar continue to be the flag bearers for family films with a strong message. This multi layered and faceted story is testimony to young director Shakun Batra’s evolution.

Must Watch!


Drishyam (2015)

What could have been a taut thriller turned out to be a dragged, stretched drama which became predictable and at points, laughable.

What surprises me most is Ajay Devgn and Tabu agreeing to do such caricaturist roles where they are literally spoon feeding the audience, rather than emoting.

By the time the movie finished many people were repeating the clues as a joke, and the repetitive and simplistic nature of story telling diluted any impact it could have had.

All in all, a good story in an average film which needed to be atleast 40 minutes shorter with no songs. The character graphs were haphazard and the only relatable characters were Rajat Kapoor and the little girl.