A Suitable Boy – TV series (2020)

Only Mira Nair could have done justice to the poetic saga written by Vikram Seth, and she does so wonderfully.

Striking a balance between story telling and setting the mood for culture, family dynamics, heartbreak and new love, she captivates the audience while weaving a tale, drawing us in to the lives and choices of the many characters.

Though the 6 episodes cannot capture the entire content, they have however bottled the essence of the story, touching on all the key elements and relationships which form the drama, romance and strife in the plot.

Excellent performances by the entire stellar cast, the most noteworthy are Ishaan Khatter, Tabu and Ram Kapoor. But each and every one puts their finest theatrical foot forward.

Watch it for the detail, the feelings, the authenticity and the fine character portrayals and even finer direction.

Happy Ending (2014)

Rom Com 101 with no new additions or twists and turns, it serves us the same dish we have been having with an edge on the humour and a jaded casanova Saif Ali Khan. His alter ego makes up for the Saif we have seen many times, whilst Kalki provides some laughs.

It’s great to see Preity back on screen and Govinda steals the show in his limited yet ‘expansive’ role. Kareena may not be Saif’s good luck mascot, it’s time he acknowledges that, though their chemistry is fiery and fun. Ileana and Ranvir are passable, the locations are great and the music is surprisingly good.

No points for guessing how it ends! Happy of course 😉