Senior Year (2022)


Isn’t it Romantic (2019)

This film turns Rebel Wilson’s single and uneventful life into a montage of all romantic comedies, making us relive our favourite moments through the eyes of a cynic.

It provides the laughs and nostalgia with enough funny sequences and decent characters in Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra and Adam DeVine.

Enjoy the romantic comedy that doesn’t want to be one!


How to be single (2016)

What starts of as a typical ‘why to be single’ movie, quickly turns in to ‘how to be’. Different youngsters want to be single or attached for various reasons, highlighting the dilemma of both in the modern world.

A light breezy film, it could have packed more laughs but it had enough to get us through. Not overly reliant on sex or cliché feminism it had a balanced yet mostly bland view of relationships. Dakota Johnson plays her vulnerable card well and Rebel Wilson is dependable with the erratic laughs.

Predictable yet funny, it ended on a surprisingly unconventional note which did justice to the story.