102 not out (2018)

Director of the iconic film Oh My God, Umesh Shukla presents a fresh take on Life, and living it while we are alive. It’s peppered with many laughs and light moments by the three primary characters who bring the story alive from their unique perspectives.

Amitabh Bachchan can do any role with ease and this is no exception. What a cute 102 year old, and so progressive in thought and deed. Rishi Kapoor is his 75 year old son, an opposite personality who is taught to look at life differently. Jimit Trivedi binds them together, a simpleton who acts as a buffer from another generation.

The story isn’t complex but the way the purpose is handled isn’t simple, or easy. But it is very enlightening. A clear message and stance about who loved ones are and what they do.

A must see for every age and especially our senior citizens.



Kapoor & Sons (since 1921)

A complete 3 generation family film, finally! Serving tears and laughter in equal measure, we were tense, smiling, applauding and hoping throughout.

It may start off as a regular film about a family that has drifted, but old issues quickly surface and adults do what they do best, project those issues on to others.

The camera work is ‘intimate’, as if you are walking around and watching the events unfold live in front of you. Complete with twists and turns, the film has no dull moment. The writing left the audience surprised at regular intervals.

In terms of performance, Rishi Kapoor and Fawad Khan tie for being shining beacons in the ensemble cast. The former played an adorable cool grandfather, while the latter knocked the ball out of the park! Brilliant layered portrayal. The film belonged to them.

Ratna Pathak Shah and Rajat Kapoor as the parents portray instability and recklessness in strong doses, clearly carving out personalities for their sons who have developed just so. Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt are their usual selves with a few intense moments.

Dharma productions and Karan Johar continue to be the flag bearers for family films with a strong message. This multi layered and faceted story is testimony to young director Shakun Batra’s evolution.

Must Watch!


Shudh desi romance (2013)

Catching true ‘desi’ flavours of an ‘it’s complicated’ romance set in Jaipur, the Shudh part refers to the irony of choice and chance.

Brilliant comedy that works for many well-written scenes, it’s stringing all the scenes to make a complete story that seems to be the problem with this recipe.

The makers were smart not to have more than two songs, because that would have slowed the humour down. 

We haven’t seen very many ‘feisty and fiercely’ independent girls on screen, and Sushant had his work cut out for him, to match Parineeti and Vaani. 

The three leads play complex yet straight forward, romantic yet detached, caught in the moment and doubting the moment so well, that you can’t help but relate to them. Rishi Kapoor is hilarious, bringing an Anu Kapoor Vicky Donor quality to the story, and the four of them provide comedic situations galore!

The writing may get some flak, so will the end, but I felt it’s justified. What matters most is that you could laugh and yet empathise with ALL of them.

Watch without a bathroom break!