Oldboy (2013)

Based on a Korean film, this is a twisted tale of vengeance. The term ‘slow poison’ takes on a new meaning when a man is locked up in solitary confinement for 20 years. He is released by his captor on a bizarre quest to find out why he was punished in the first place.

The warped ways in which the human mind can plot a revenge, in the most disgusting manner, is the crux of the film. While the violence is gory and brutal, the mind games and final plot revelation are the true horrors.

Watch if you enjoy this particular genre, it disturbed me more than it entertained.



Elysium (2013)

A simplistic view of the disparity that exists in our society is painted on a large science fiction canvas.

Some gaping fundamental flaws coupled with good action scenes and special effects make a half baked experience.

Jodi Foster is wasted in a role which didn’t demand someone of her talent, whereas Matt Damon fulfils a part in a string of similar action roles. Sharlto Copley is perhaps the best of the three, in a way only to be understood when and if you watch the film.

Elysium is a concept of the afterlife in Greek mythology. Whilst they captured what that could mean, the story floated in the air without any concrete base.