Badrinath ki Dulhania (2017)

The ‘Varun-Alia’ couple are back! This time round, though it looks all song and dance, it has many ‘in your face’ messages.

While people may not agree with the story or the methods, I felt the messages were strong and relevant. It’s Jhansi, a 10th grade pass Badrinath is smitten with Vaidehi. She is not interested. But he doesn’t get that. Why? Because that’s how he has been brought up. The first of many changes which have to take place in Indian mentality.

Issues of dowry, the male child, women’s rights and respect are thrown in the face of male and societal patriarchy. Challenged by the duo in the film, though they may not seem current in the metros and larger cities, they are still prevelant in many parts of India. See this as a nudge to those people who need to stand up and fight for doing the right thing.

Peppered with some pretty song and dance, some comedy and friendly bonding, but the issues stay intact. Till the end. A great supporting cast who play their characters very well, complete the story.

It was a well made sugar coated medicine and will do its job!



Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania (2014)

While watching the introductory credits you realise all the new names which are associated with this project. That itself gives you a feel that you can expect something different. Debut director Shashank Khaitan has spoofed cult films, giving his venture a contemporary twist.

We have a feisty young heroine with an emotional young hero. Reversing traditional gender roles, he gives the audience a few laughs and many romantic moments. The chemistry is explosive, with appropriate music. Varun has found a niche for himself, whilst Alia continues to do what she does best. Together they are an unpredictable Jodi. Many scenes are well written with everyday language, mirroring our own individual experiences. Varun’s relationship with his dad in particular, is endearing.

Ashutosh Rana looks great on screen and Varun’s two pals, Sahil Vaid (Poplu) and Gaurav Pandey (Shonty) embody the loveable, dependable, partners-in-crime buddies we all adore. Siddharth Shukla looks every bit the way he is supposed to, but hardly gets any screen time. Overall it was entertaining and light, with just the right running time.

Fresh, crisp and fun!