Spider-Man : No Way Home (2021)

Warning: spoilers ahead

I really enjoyed the film, mostly because of the way it was written and weaved in past villains and spidermen. I loved the social commentary of heal/cure vs. kill. I felt it relevant to the covid world we live in and how much we continue struggle with it.

The acting is decent across the board, with a few light and emotional moments to pepper the action scenes and top quality special effects. The result: a well fleshed out plot with enough bang for your buck.

Comfortable seating or an IMAX experience would be great for it. It is a refreshing exploration of the multiverse and leaves many avenues open and doors to knock on for future franchises.



The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

A comedy with brilliant production values which create a picture perfect old world charm and complimentary Art Deco, we witness an illustrated story book come to life.

Director Wes Anderson presents a fictitious hotel so convincingly that we hope it’s real and want to visit it some day! His main characters couldn’t be more different from each other, but their unspoken chemistry is great. Concierge Ralph Fiennes and lobby boy Tony Revolori are heroes of a story with many villains. There is love, drama, murder and deceit, but it is all done in a cartoon-like fashion, with exaggerated looks and fashion, making every situation comical.

Multi award winning and rightfully so, the film entertains with every frame’s aesthetics and tickles with its many antics and funny writing.  An ensemble cast supports and surprises with its unexpected entry and exit.

An intelligent laugh!