A Decade out of Dubai

Aerial view of Dubai – clicked by me

“You won’t survive in Mumbai!”

“I bet you will be back in 3 months!”

“I bet six!”

When I decided to move from Dubai having lived there all my life, it was no surprise that it caused many to be in shock, disbelief or denial. “Why would you leave Dubai to go to Mumbai?” someone asked. At that time all I could say is “Because the city is alive and buzzing and it challenges me,” something that Dubai had stopped doing a while ago.

I landed in Mumbai on 23 July 2010, in the middle of the monsoon season, with two suitcases and lots of ideas on where life would take me. “So is this it, will you be here permanently?” someone asked very soon after I moved. I had the insight to say, “I am here for now,” and left it at that. Mumbai was indeed ‘the city of dreams’ and that’s where many milestones were achieved and beautiful friendships made.

But like any catalyst, Mumbai started whispering in my ear after five years of being there, saying “I have taught you what you needed to learn”. The old dream, the last unfulfilled one of moving to Australia, was a parting gift from Mumbai. A process that was stuck in Dubai moved along smoothly when I revisited it. Less than two years later, I found myself packing my bags again to move to Melbourne.

It has been a little over three years here and I now realize what Mumbai was trying to say to me. Every city I have lived in has taught me things that I needed to know to grow in the next one. Mumbai was a beautiful gestation period as it sprung forth the purpose that I created for myself in Melbourne.

I changed careers, studied and trained to be a counsellor. I started my own counselling practice and have recently qualified to provide supervision to counsellors as well. A dream that was nurtured in Dubai when I was in high school, for which I took a writing course in Mumbai finally came to fruition in Melbourne. I wrote three books in the span of a year, completing a story idea that germinated while watching a movie in Mumbai. I thought it would end with one book, and laughed at the idea of writing three. But write I did, riding on a wave of inspiration, flowing with a perspective I wanted to share with the world.

Today marks ten years that I left Dubai. A place I yearn to visit more than ever since travel became a distant reality. I miss my parents, my family and my friends, most of whom I am better connected with, as the distance hasn’t been an issue thanks to technology.

Leaving the nest and spreading your wings is something I wish for everyone who wants it. There is growth outside the comfort zone and I am glad I had the chance to move and grow when I was ready for it. If you too, find yourself at a crossroads, don’t be scared. Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Take the plunge and embrace the adventure!

“I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved.” – The Universe


Change the channel

You are a sophisticated piece of machinery. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are programmed in the womb and activated at birth. But as you grow older, you go into ‘Auto Pilot’ mode. You forget that you are a complex transmitter of thoughts, ideas and desires. It’s only when you realise that the Universe is an infinite supermarket, and everything in it is there for your selection, absolutely FREE, is when you go back to your original state of ‘being activated’. Try it, it will never fail you. Some requests are granted within seconds or minutes. Some take longer. The difference? Maybe our desire isn’t as intense or maybe we are not ready for it, or maybe there’s a better thing in store for us. Either way, fine tune your antenna, find the frequency of the universe and get ready to receive its abundance!

Me, Myself and I

Have a seat, grab a snack, because this three- way chat will confuse you at best, with hopes of entertaining you.

Here’s how a typical conversation in my head goes:

Me: I think that everything should be perfect in my world, though I may not be. Everyone should know what I want, think, like, dislike. People should conform to my beliefs.

Myself: I know that I am a part of this ever-evolving, ever-changing universe. I attract my own lessons and the people in my life are there for a purpose, the events that occur, do so for my own growth.

I: A conscious part of me that watches the debate between the above two, my resident jury of aging brain cells. It knows that the ego needs taming, that I am a soul that is aware of its place in the scheme of things. It hopes that I can achieve a reasonable thought process which can be both world-wise and true to itself. It doesn’t question me, though it sees me falter, or make a complete a** of myself, but it stays put, like a loyal vigilante who will not leave me, or judge, or sing ‘I told you so’.

Our mind is usually reasoning our thoughts and actions, juggling many dialogues at once. Some acknowledge this, while others continue (maybe blissfully) unaware, simply working from one action/reaction to the next.

What I have learned is that we usually play tricks with ourselves. We go through a conversation where “Me” usually gets the first say. Once “Me” is done making its point, “Myself” starts shedding light on some important aspects that may have been missed out. It goes to and fro, until of course, the larger part (either your ego or your awareness) let’s you express yourself. “I” remains as it always did, a silent supporter and a gentle reminder of your actions/decisions past and present.

The future is of course, full of infinite possibilities. Experience teaches us that let “I” guide you, while the other two indulge in banter which may or may not be entirely fruitful. You will always be known as the outcome of your internal battle, let it be who you really are and not masked by your version of your ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ self.

And above all, let love, compassion and kindness be your guide, because if they are, you will never go wrong.

Nature is but an expression of the soul…

On life:

Thunder exploded in the Mumbai night sky, along with a realisation which burst through my very blood, chilling me to the bone, shaking me out of myself imposed reverie, leaving my collective consciousness in the darkness that follows after the brilliance of lightning. This is but a veil, a charade, a fictional reality… let go, let it go…

On love:

As the weather mirrored the storm inside, the universe put me through my greatest test. I am glad to say I passed, but at the price of my very being. The finish line seems like a distant mirage, getting further as I run, my only hope being this dream will end soon…

On the past:

The midnight breeze got with it memories past, the clock ticked away, seconds racing to minutes to hours, all was as it was… you wonder what you have to learn from each other, the lessons are ever changing, never apparent, all you can do is be yourself.

On the present:

In an intense moment of clarity, the abundance of the universe arrived. Life is so beautiful, if you just slow down and listen; to your own intuition, to your own heart beat. Thanking each and everyone for their part in my happiness and otherwise, you are all valuable. As for the weather, we had a tiny drizzle as a blessing, to iterate the fact that we are never alone, someone is always watching over us…


If God is Love, then Love is Divine! Celebrate it, transmit it, multiply it! The Universe has no choice but to give it back to you, ten fold! Where there is Love, there is no fear, or sadness, only joy and peace.