Sandeep Adnani – Author of The Exiled Rogue Series

Sandeep Adnani has been writing movie reviews since 2007. He started blogging mini musings and short stories in 2013.
His first metaphysical/transformational fiction novel, ‘The Codes of the Exiled Rogue’ was published in December 2019 and went on to became an amazon #1 bestselling ebook.
Part 2, titled ‘The Origin of the Exiled Rogue’ was published in September 2020 and became an amazon bestseller as well in multiple categories. He has finished writing The Exiled Rogue series, the final instalment of the #TERS trilogy will be out in 2021.
He changed careers from the advertising/media industry and is now a mental health counsellor in Melbourne with bases in Mumbai and Dubai as well.

Belgravia (2020)

A historical drama based on the novel by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, it has an exceptionally fast pace for the 19th century.

The premise is the same as any period setting, but the execution is different. The writing is exemplary and the cast is appropriate.

Vices, ambitions, lust and love pepper the proceedings, as we navigate a dilemma which spans 26 years.

An interesting watch with great production values and story telling.

New Amsterdam (2018-)

Based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer, this show is aspirational alternate history and I look forward to every minute of it.

There are many problems, many perspectives and some solutions, which are either tough or not in the radar of our imagination. The stories are humane, the characters layered, the situations complex, fast paced but with enough time to process.

Medical dramas have to tread carefully, and they have set the bar very high in terms of content, compassion and sensitivity.

The Father (2020)

A heartbreaking story told so wonderfully, that you end up questioning your own grip on reality.

Anthony Hopkins is superlative in his role as a man who is forgetting not only his relations, but time, space, traumas and memories. Olivia Colman plays his daughter, in who’s eyes and face we see the steady decline of her beloved father.

The movie is based on a critically acclaimed play ‘La Pere’ by Florian Zeller, who has also directed the film.

A story that slowly weaves its world and leaves you utterly helpless as you try and navigate the father’s point of view and life, it is as poignant as it is magnificent.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

It may seem long on paper, but 242 minutes divided into parts, with superb cinematography and interesting story make the film a fun watch.

The super heroes have the advantage of their rich back stories but still provide little glimpses for the audiences’ sake. They come together slowly and work together wonderfully.

There’s plenty to keep you hooked and look forward to. Watch it for an unforgettable cinematic experience and expect the unexpected!


Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Full points to the director for showing us some new action, a new adventure, a new mythical location and a commentary on disinformation.

A film that promises a fight between two titans and delivers on every front. A true cinematic experience which would make a great IMAX watch.

Though the cinematography is primarily CGI, it is still breathtaking and awe inspiring.


Young Sheldon (2017-)

Sheldon Cooper was such an endearing character that a spin-off show was created to describe his youth, and does so very well.

He had often mentioned his family and we got to meet them in the parent show, but seeing him be raised and how beautifully they manage a variety of issues while infusing the proceedings with comedy is a delight to watch!

Ian Armitage is a very talented actor and is supported well by the other cast, all of whom add colour and purpose to his life.

If you’re a fan of Sheldon Cooper, you will love this well written and brilliantly acted show!