Holding the man (2015)

Adapted by a memoir of the same name published in 1995, the film speaks of a tender love story that faces many odds from family and society.

The lead play their younger and older selves well, supported by a cast who challenges them in every way.

What ensues is a heartbreaking yet hopeful drama about the lives of those we may or may not understand.

An emotional watch!


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The man in an orange shirt (2017)

Set almost 70 years apart, this two part series weaves an emotional tale of the struggle faced by the characters, according to the time they live in.

What binds them together is a story which isn’t spoken about, it’s a secret that quietly pulls the audience along into a world which is often not discussed.

The result? A complex range of emotions displayed by a stellar cast, all of whom are fighting their own internal battle in a plot that is filled with drama, passion and suspense.

The boys in the band (2020)

Based on a Tony award winning play, the ensemble cast recreates the feeling of watching a performance in a theatre on film.

The cast create magic with their characters. Having seen these men in other shows and movies, the audience wants to relate to something different and new, which they provide effortlessly with their acting prowess.

Set in 1968 New York, they live in a different world than we do now, which asks that they not be their true authentic selves.

Brilliant message and portrayal!


Love Life (2020-)

An American romantic comedy anthology web television series with Anna Kendrick in the principal role, it is packed with an unexpected timeline.

The story follows her growth from a teenager to an adult, her loves, her relationships, her own evolution and everything in between.

The audience has a wonderful lens into her life and in doing so, reflects on their own choices and journeys.

An insightful and entertaining watch!

Ted Lasso (2020-)

A heartwarming American sports comedy television series, it brings a smile to your face with its well written characters and scenes.

Jason Sudeikis is the embodiment of a cool coach, who turns the approach to training on its head. A whole team of different personalities and cultures, he chooses traditional means to reach out to them; team spirit and patience.

A stellar ensemble cast who provide many funny and emotional moments, the first season makes you glad a second season is on the cards. Mixing American and British humour, you get the best of both!

A much needed and appreciated show!

Ratched (2020)

A psychological thriller web television series on Netflix , it lives up to the mystery, intrigue and gore it promises in the trailer.

Lavish production, sublime acting, great casting and directing make it a unique watch, barring the gory scenes which may not be for everybody.

Many stories weave into a singular plot, where you marvel at the depths that the human mind will go to, to achieve its ends. Every character seems to have a psychological issue, even if they appear not to.

An all star cast who provide a riveting commentary on the society we live in via their characters, it is one of those things you can’t stop watching once you have started it. Brilliant!

Criminal : UK (2019-)

A captivating British police procedural anthology series, it was an intense and enlightening watch.

The many crimes that were discussed, the unexpected revelations, the multiple perspectives from which to see a case and how people may not be what they seem, make it an effective education of the human psyche.

The minimalist set and camera angles highlight each and every expression and inflection, which demands your attention for this viewing experience.

Brilliant acting, writing and direction in this very human drama with a legal backdrop.

Enola Holmes (2020)

A refreshing film which balances many themes, it is relevant and appropriately paced.

Young Elona Holmes has an extraordinary life and education from her mother, which takes an unexpected turn when her brothers become her guardians.

Based on the first book on a series written by Nancy Springer, it has a unique approach and vision. Many cases and subplots unravel as the story progresses, which entertain and intrigue in equal measure.

Wonderful performances from the cast and especially the young decipherer in the making, excellent production values and enough twists and turns make it a joy to watch.


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