Sully (2016)

Clint Eastwood directs a riveting biographical drama, ‘Sully’, giving us insights into what led up to the miraculous landing of a civilian aircraft in the Hudson River in 2009.

Captain Sully, is played delicately by Tom Hanks, where he brings a responsible quality during a very challenging emergency. Aaron Eckhart plays his able co-pilot, who supports him during unprecedented circumstances.

The result? A gripping tale, well edited, told with dignity, building appropriate tension in its short running time. A clean, crisp film which doesn’t get melodramatic.



London has fallen (2016)

After ‘Olympus has fallen’ we have the same team taking full liberty to ridicule their British ally and blow up the entire city, compromising every security and defence system there is. You can look past those details, but you can’t help but marvel at the villain who is not only omniscient but can co-ordinate a multitude of attacks, in perfect sequence with unerring ease, a feat which would be unachievable by entire governments. As it was the last choice to watch during a flight, it got an audience, but was ridiculous and full of caricatures to say the least.