Soul (2020)

One of the most profound animated films I have seen, it deals with concepts which will be too complex for children to understand, but it gives a simple message, loud and clear, for everyone to be inspired by.

Excellent voices, concepts and two very unique central characters and opposing points of view make this a very moving and heart warming watch.

Highly recommended!



Elysium (2013)

A simplistic view of the disparity that exists in our society is painted on a large science fiction canvas.

Some gaping fundamental flaws coupled with good action scenes and special effects make a half baked experience.

Jodi Foster is wasted in a role which didn’t demand someone of her talent, whereas Matt Damon fulfils a part in a string of similar action roles. Sharlto Copley is perhaps the best of the three, in a way only to be understood when and if you watch the film.

Elysium is a concept of the afterlife in Greek mythology. Whilst they captured what that could mean, the story floated in the air without any concrete base.