Astraeus (2022) by Callan J. Mulligan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Callan J Mulligan has created a rich and vivid world in his sci-fi novel Astraeus which makes for a riveting read. 

His vision of the ship and the detail with which he describes not only the interior, but the science, transports you effortlessly to this futuristic existence.

The characters are wonderfully written, creating a cohesive ecosystem which has its own hierarchy, it’s own secrets and backstories. 

The thriller is fast paced, with many complications which the reader seamlessly becomes part off, thanks to the layered story telling and mysterious drama.

Callan’s strength is his writing style, which gives the POV and the information without trying hard. It flows and keeps you wanting more. Readers of sci-fi, thrillers and mystery will enjoy this page turner immensely.

I am excited for the next part of this duology and look forward to knowing how the story concludes.