Trying (2020) TV Series

Adorable, witty, funny, deep, emotional and unpredictable is the best way to describe the journey of Nikki and Jason who are trying to have a baby.

The endearing way they support and care for each other, navigating the maze of fertility, adoption and everything in between is a great example of how relationships should be.

Nuanced performances by Esther Smith and Rafe Spall make it a delight to watch, complemented by a super supporting cast and soothing theme song.

Ted Lasso (2020-)

A heartwarming American sports comedy television series, it brings a smile to your face with its well written characters and scenes.

Jason Sudeikis is the embodiment of a cool coach, who turns the approach to training on its head. A whole team of different personalities and cultures, he chooses traditional means to reach out to them; team spirit and patience.

A stellar ensemble cast who provide many funny and emotional moments, the first season makes you glad a second season is on the cards. Mixing American and British humour, you get the best of both!

A much needed and appreciated show!