Cinderella (2021)


Frozen fever (2015)

The short film that preceded ‘Cinderella’, a follow up on the story of the two sisters from Frozen, was heart warming despite Queen Elsa’s cold. Planning the perfect birthday for her sister Anna, she ignores her own condition when she starts sneezing little ‘snowgies’. A new song, ‘Making today a perfect day’ is fun to watch as the birthday treasure hunt unfolds. Disney’s creative and merchandise have already made the little snowgies (mini snowmen) a big hit!

A light bridge to what will be a cool sequel.


Cinderella (2015)

An age old tale which was retold by director Kenneth Branagh with a few new twists and turns and some bold Disney moves. Please read bold as code for when the protagonist, Lily James, actually stands up for herself in the most polite and dignified way possible.

Richard Madden, possibly prettier than Cinderella herself plays the role of Prince Charming, with ease. Fairy Godmother Helena Bonham Carter had a blink and miss role, which she did with her usual histrionical flair.

It was Cate Blanchett who walked the tight rope as step mother, who had to show us a new way of being mean. She descends quietly from civility to monstrosity, slowly becoming caricature-like evil. She achieves a new high for couture and nastiness.

The highlights of the film are the magical transformations that Cinderella and her team go through, not to mention the crystal slippers by Swarovski. The film is high on art and aesthetic value with a few warm ‘U’ rated Disney theme messages.

It makes you believe, if only for the duration of the film, that there can be ‘a happily ever after’.