The Staircase (2022)


1917 (2019)

Sam Mendes gives us a tense masterpiece which gives the impression that it is captured in one long shot. Besides pulling off a technical and aesthetic masterpiece, it also serves as a reminder of the horrors of war and how unnecessary it is.

The film is poetry in motion, with crescendos and troughs, it keeps all your senses engaged because you don’t want to miss a thing. The sheer scale and craft will dazzle you, just as the humanity and fear will shake you. Nuanced acting by the principal and supporting cast make it a rich and deep viewing.

You come away from the film not only appreciating the freedoms you enjoy because brave people gave their lives but also contemplate how difficult the conditions were and how quickly you had to move on in grief and loss.

Worthy of all the awards and accolades, this is a bit of world history brought to life from the stories by the director’s grand father Alfred Mendes.


Mary Poppins Returns (2019)

Mary Poppins Returns: a feel good film after a long time, a wholesome experience for all ages. Emily Blunt is charming as the lead, ably supported by the entire cast. The surprise was an appearance by Meryl Streep, who never fails to enthrall. Wonderful songs and visuals make it the perfect choice to start the year!


Mamma Mia – Here we go again (2018)

Director Ol Parker had a tough task, writing and directing the prequel/sequel of the famous Mamma Mia which released 10 years ago. He does a great job, giving us glimpses in to Donna’s past and Sophie’s present.

Lily James had a tough act to follow, but she did a great job as Donna, the younger Meryl Streep. She embodied her body language, but more importantly her smile and spontaneous soul.

The ensemble cast sings and dances, with the sunshine spilling out of the screen, the tunes making you dance in your seats. What a wonderful warm feeling!

The film slowly builds to an emotional climax, a brilliant fitting tribute to Donna’s energy and exuberance. We have many treats, and vocal stylings to enjoy, and a fit grandma in Cher!

The melodies never cease to move and charm you and it just re-iterates, Old is Gold! ABBA nostalgia still rules hearts!


Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

Sharon Maguire, who directed Bridget Jones’s Diary, is at the helm once more, bringing a well written comedy alive on screen.

Post 40 and single, a visibly aged Renee Zellweger plays the adorable Bridget, who ploughs through life even though it’s handed her a bunch of lemons. Destiny and a good friend bring her to adventures she isn’t prepared for. Enter Patrick Dempsey, a valid prospect, but good old Darcy ‘Colin Firth’ keeps popping up as a reminder of her past.

A tricky situation arises, leaving the 3 leads to entertain us in a sophisticated yet boisterous manner. The entire cinema was in splits at their predicament.

A fun watch and a good last act to the last two films.