Hysteria (2011)


Inferno (2016)

Rarely are movies better than books, this being one of them. I usually read Dan Brown’s books in a day or two, Inferno took a few months as it was written for a film. It was obvious from the beginning why this and not ‘The Lost Symbol’ was made into a movie.

Ron Howard has done full justice to the visually morbid and disturbing masterpiece by Dante. The film moved fast, keeping all but one main plot point intact. Tom Hanks is his usual dependable self, the only actor who can play the patient, knowledgeable and quick witted Robert Langdon. Felicity Jones is the strong and smart Dr. Brooks. Irrfan Khan has the unenviable task of playing Harry ‘The Provost’, an effortless act done with charm.

In the end, I was left with an experience of having watched a film but not having connected with it. It was all words and fury with none of the emotion or revelation that should have accompanied it.


The Theory of Everything (2014)

A biopic on the life of Stephan Hawking till date, it focuses more on his relationships and struggles in his personal life rather than public.

Actor Eddie Redmayne has already won the Golden Globe and is nominated for the Oscar for his stellar performance. The steady decline in his health and his indomitable spirit which gives him the strength to fight a 2 year sentence into still working today, is portrayed with unerring determination.

Actress Felicity Jones matches him in every way or more, embodying a woman who silently accepted her fate because she loved. And love she did, as she stood by him, being his reason to live initially and later on making sure that he remains alive.

It is often seen that people with brilliant minds or great leaders have a less than perfect personal life. It is no different here. The turn of events surprises, shocks and moves us. Research shows us that it was pretty close to his real life, which raises as many questions as it answers.

Director James Marsh presents the story of a man who has a brilliant mind, who has contributed much to the field of physics and cosmology, a film true to its period right down to the last detail. Not slow paced, it demands attention and empathy, but above all it shows us that even the most well meaning human or action is still not enough.