Frozen fever (2015)

The short film that preceded ‘Cinderella’, a follow up on the story of the two sisters from Frozen, was heart warming despite Queen Elsa’s cold. Planning the perfect birthday for her sister Anna, she ignores her own condition when she starts sneezing little ‘snowgies’. A new song, ‘Making today a perfect day’ is fun to watch as the birthday treasure hunt unfolds. Disney’s creative and merchandise have already made the little snowgies (mini snowmen) a big hit!

A light bridge to what will be a cool sequel.



Frozen (2013)

A heart warming story set in an icy environment, this is one of Disney’s best animated films. There is no strong complication in the story, but it is peppered with loveable characters who make up for the lack of tension.

The fairytale like setting which is characteristic of Disney, takes it a notch higher this time where you feel you are watching a good quality broadway production. The songs stay with you far after the movie finishes, and the voices are top notch.

Ice, snow, winter and its many effects are used well, we have rock like trolls and a chatty snowman who add magic to the screen. I liked the fact that there was no ‘villain’ or ‘bad guy’, just personal demons and the way they dealt with them.

A simple, memorable film which is a pure winter delight!