Begin Again (2014)

Keira Knightley (Gretta) and Mark Ruffalo (Dan) cross paths at emotionally volatile times of their lives. One is a song writer and singer, the other is a producer of music. While their chance meeting seems like it won’t go anywhere, it takes them and us, on a musical journey across New York City.

We come across other talented musician characters, the sights and sounds of the Big Apple and witness how the two lead individuals evolve. Their performances, along with the supporting cast, are vulnerable, understated and real. Through them, we have a greater appreciation of music and its process of creation.

For music lovers and musicians, this film is a must watch. For the rest, this is a beautiful film about relationships, friendships, talent and perseverance, which is all bound by the sound for the soul – Music.



Ender’s Game (2013)

It took some convincing to watch this film, which appeared another ‘save the world’ genre, using the talents of young children’s gaming skills no less! Keeping the alien threat aside, this film used combat strategy and teenage psychology to come up with the most effective battle plan to save Earth.

The pressure the kids are put under seems downright unethical, because they are strategically being used for their ‘fearless, risk taking, abandoning feasibility’ type qualities. The training they go through, and how Ender is identified and rises up the ranks, balances the action/special effects quotient with decent drama.

We have stalwarts like Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley supported by the talented Viola Davis, but the film belongs to the ensemble of young adults in it. Asa Butterfield as Ender, Hailee Steinfeld as Petra and Abigail Breslin as Valentine are memorable, whilst their peers that surround them are sincere to their roles.

An engaging watch.