The switch (2010)


The Morning Show / Morning Wars (2019)

The Morning Show, or Morning Wars as it is known in Australia and Indonesia, is so much more than one would expect!

We get a career best performance from Jennifer Aniston, a sturdy and dependable Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, and an ensemble cast which deserve every accolade.

The story is complicated. There is much more at stake than meets the eye. Power, relationships, money, the MeToo movement, bushfires, a terrible mass shooting incident make up the backdrops to many stellar moments.

Introspection, grief, anger, anguish, confidence, insecurity, pain, pent up suffering are all rolled into a hard hitting portrayal by the cast, who have written, produced and delivered an appropriate message which asks new questions and answers old ones.

A captivating watch!

Murder Mystery (2019)

A fun comedy mystery film, where an unsuspecting couple get caught up in a murder scene. Some slapstick scenes and many laughs later, they unwittingly solve the crime whilst showing us scenic Europe.

A cute chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler make it a light watch.


Mother’s Day (2016)

Gary Marshall, known for his multi starrer ‘special day’ movies and classic Pretty Woman, brings us a more casual, chilled out flick which explores the bond that children share with their mothers.

Many issues are addressed in a passing manner, without becoming dramatic. Julia Roberts’ character throws light on the difficult choices many mothers are faced with, whereas Jennifer Aniston’s character shines by bringing a delicate balance in her family life.

Jason Sudeikis is a doting single father to his two daughters whilst Kate Hudson and her sister have their own secrets from their parents. As is tradition, the film culminates on Mothers Day, with various laughs and warm moments.

A ‘mom-com’ that shows us the many traditional and changing relationships between mothers and their kids, it was a fun, light watch.


She’s funny that way (2015)

Director Peter Bogdanovich serves a screwball comedy with a good cast, and manages to get some laughs.

Jennifer Aniston was key in attracting audiences but had a special appearance of a role, where she played a quirky shrink (imagine Rachel giving therapy).

Owen Wilson and Rhys Ifans steal the show with their antics while Imogen Poots and Kathryn Hahn have their own shenanigans to keep us entertained.

A film that could have been much funnier but still manages to entertain. Perfect for the flight 🙂


We’re the Millers (2013)

There is something about sophisticated ‘R’ rated humour that has everyone in splits. I use that word to describe this particular genre of adult comedies, because the language has excellent comic timing in the guise of profanity.

Christened ‘America’s Sweetheart’ by USA and many of her fans overseas, Jennifer steps well out of her comfort zone and image to play a convincing stripper. Extremely fit, with fresh ‘Rachel’ style quips, she is a combo of the character we have loved on TV and a bold babe many of us wondered she could pull off.

Jason Sudeikis is a small time drug dealer who lands in a big time soup, courtesy an incident he shouldn’t have gotten involved in. Emma Roberts plays a runaway rebel and Will Poulter the 18 year old virgin (the judgement age having gone down from 40).

What follows next is a crazy road trip, with family dynamics that make ‘dysfunctional seem normal’. Pure Laughter Therapy!